Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Patchwork Palette

Patchwork or pieced work is a form of needlework that's created by sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. A patchwork design can based on repeating patterns, colors and shapes in a more regulated way or randomly.

This tulip farm in the Netherlands is a great inspirational image for patchwork. The beautiful bright colors are laid out at random and still posses simplicity and refinement without a need to match. This idea is the same for using patchwork in upholstery, pillows, blankets or finish materials. 

Missoni Home fabrics uses patchwork fabrics to separate sections of the sofa. It's visually stunning and the bright colors and patterned textiles are perfect for rooms with dark floors and white walls because they add contrast. 

 Bedding is another great space to use patchwork fabric. It adds elements of coziness and comfort to your bedroom. I suggest picking a dominant color from the patchwork pattern and use it as a way to balance the space. Too much patchwork can distract from the overall design. 

The trees, grass and natural elements are wonderfully paired with patchwork cushions and blankets. The floral patterns on these particular cushions and blankets are an extension spring flowers now in bloom. 

Sometimes less is more. Here an ivory sofa is lightly sprinkled with three pastel patchwork pillows. The patchwork effortlessly adds coziness and warmth to the plain sofa. 

Patchwork and table setting work wonderfully together! For informal gatherings, try accessorizing with patchwork materials for maximum social atmosphere!

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