Monday, February 28, 2011

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a rock, largely formed from the mineral lazurite and looks beautiful when paired with jewel toned colors. This color can be the focal point in a space or simply act as an accessory; either way you will love playing with this color! 

Here designer Isle Crawford  uses the bold lapis lazuli for the entire space and balances it with pops of jewel-toned furniture pieces and black and white accessories. The pink, gold, white and black really bring this space together!

This is a great example of a lapis inspired space!
Lapis lazuli in its raw form has many different shades of blue along with veining.  The geometry of the chandelier reminds me of the veining goes along well with the mixture of hues. 

Lapis lazuli inspired accessories by Taika Dinnerware are eclectic and sophisticated! This is an easy way  to add a beautiful pop of color on your dining room table.

These lighter shades of lapis accessories gives life to this neutral room. Calmer tones of lazuli are easily integrated in any space while providing a hint of fun!

Knoll Textiles Luxe
These fabrics available through Knoll Textiles use fun patterns, geometry and tones of lapis. These would be wonderful for decorative pillows or upholstery! 


Anonymous said...

I never considered this color in design but iit provides a great focus. Great ideas.

Susan Currie said...

Lapis became a part of my life when I fell in love with it during a visit to India in 1982. It's one of my favorite natural stones.

You can make a big impact with lapis. I recently saw a space that had beautiful lacquered walls in blue that reminded me of lapis lazuli. The art in the room had shades of blue with pops of color like yellow and white.

Enjoy finding ways to use it in your space!