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Monday, May 30, 2011

This and That: Coastal Living!

Living coastal is all about a relaxed state of mind and eclectic atmosphere. Blues, browns, whites, and creams are essential with pops of color. When decorating for a coastal aesthetic don't be afraid to mix and match different textures and colors. A coastal home can be sophisticated and relaxed! 

Coastal Living

The wicker, metal and white cotton sofa reinforce the coastal aesthetic. The idea is to let loose and choose items that make a room match without trying. The navy, white and grey tie this space toether beautifully along with the nautical theme pillows!
Coastal Living
Soft wall colors such as blues and whites invite plenty of sunlight which is a must when attaining a coastal aesthetic.

Coastal Living
This white brick paired with wicker boxes are the perfect pair! 
Coastal Living
Light colored glass bottles are a fun item to collect 

and display in new ways in any coastal space! 

Coastal Living
 Simple and beautiful! The wicker rug, wooden floor, and soft blue fabrics mirror this great outside view. This space proves that less is more!
Coastal Living
 This relaxed hallway is eclectic as well as coastal. This space is a great example of how to integrate red into your coastal getaway! 
Coastal Living
Another necessity when decorating a coastal space is to create intimate spaces to read, lounge or have a drink. this is all apart of living well in a relaxed and coastal space! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cork! Designed by Nature

The next time you open a bottle of wine an twist out the cork, take a moment to appreciate one of the worlds most unique species. Cork has beenin use for centuries because of its brilliant engingineersing and durable characteristics. Evidence of its use has been found in ancient Egypt, China, Babylon, and Persia.

Cork's Color Versatility:
Cork comes in a multitude of colors! In its natural state it is a light tan and provides a modern and clean aesthetic. Cork can absorb color better than most materials. Have you ever noticed the bottom of a cork from a red wine bottle? The wine stain that is absorbed is beautiful and certainly inspires further exploration of cork. When painted or stained it can appear as a wood material, tile, or even stone. 
So what makes cork sustainable?
First and foremost, cork is harvested from cork oak trees, without killing or harvesting the entire tree. Once the cork trees reach maturity (around 25 years old), the outer layer of bark can be stripped off the tree without harming the tree in any way. The bark then regenerates and can be harvested again.
      Cork Sustainability Facts:
  • Cork is naturally watertight, resisting both mold and mildew.
  • The material offers a springy texture for extra cushioning.
  • Cork is easily recycled and reused.
  • The sustainable material is both shock and fire resistant.
  • It is naturally warm to the touch.
  • Cork has accoustical qualities, acting as a noise dampening material.

Cork is extremely versatile in its use. Here as a lamp shade and more commonly in flooring, wall covering, countertops, and even furniture. Cork can be used in its natural color for a raw and earthy feel. It can also be stained or painted to achieve a totally different aesthetic. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Memphis Group - Color, Pattern and Objects

Memphis Group Bookshelf: Andrea Branzi
Olivetti's Valentine Typewriter
circa 1969
The Memphis Movement celebrates the best of Italian design with vibrant colors and pattern.  Founded by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass, the design and architecture group created Post Modern furniture, fabrics, ceramics, glass and metal objects from 1981-1987. The group intended to develop a new creative design approach offering bright, colorful, shocking pieces meant to contrast with blacks and browns found in modern design.
Sottsass was already know for his 1969 design of Olivetti's Valentine Typewriter.  The design was marveled for its portability and the user's ability to use it anywhere.  Plus it was manufactured in eye-catching red.
They drew inspiration from Art Deco and Pop Art and embraced color.  Some might say their designs were superficial but that was far from the truth.  The Memphis Group continues to stand the test of time and it still inspires today's designers.

Here are some great examples of how we celebrate this design movement today!

NeoCon 2010: Interface FLOR

Wallpaper: Sarah Hvass
London Desk Lamp

Monday, April 18, 2011

Green Eggs! Inspiration for a Modern Farmhouse

Green eggs do exist and aren't made up from a Dr. Seuss book!  

NixChix Team Fresh Green and Brown Eggs
Photo: Susan Currie 

Let me tell you about how I found out about green eggs and how they inspired this blog entry. Karen Levy, a fabulous friend, introduced me to my neighbor who has a budding business called NixChix Team in metropolitan Atlanta. From the name NixChix, you may have guessed that my neighbor's name is Nicholas and is in the business of selling organic, fresh laid eggs. 
Nicholas and his chicken Pepper.
Photo: Susan Currie

Anyone from the country or who has tasted fresh eggs knows what a luxury this business provides! Not to mention the fantastic colors that the eggs naturally come in. Beautiful medium to pale green and brown egg shells are the eggs natural appearance.

The Green Egg Layer - Zucchini. What a great name!
Photo: Susan Currie

From Eggs to Modern Farmhouse

The eggs and the beautiful spring hues inspired me to investigate what makes a "modern farmhouse." There are many interpretations but the basic elements are wood finishes, creams and a warm pallet.

Here are some of my favorite examples of the different perspectives on the Modern Farmhouse. Enjoy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Live in Pastel

Spring is here, so think pastel!

Arrangement by: Studio Choo

We are influenced by all that surrounds us. At this time of year one of the greatest influences to be celebrated are the blooming blossoms and the beautiful colors found in nature! 

Be creative! There are so many interesting ways to play bring the spring aesthetic into your home without being redundant. Try using colorful eggshells as candle holders!

Pastel wallpaper is a great accessory for any room! 

Yellow, teal, and soft whites are perfect colors for a bedroom because of their peaceful, soft qualities. 

Room by: Maison Decor

Here, soft blue, green and white tones are used to create a sophisticated and peaceful aesthetic. Who wouldn't want to relax in this space? No bad dreams here! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Patchwork Palette

Patchwork or pieced work is a form of needlework that's created by sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. A patchwork design can based on repeating patterns, colors and shapes in a more regulated way or randomly.

This tulip farm in the Netherlands is a great inspirational image for patchwork. The beautiful bright colors are laid out at random and still posses simplicity and refinement without a need to match. This idea is the same for using patchwork in upholstery, pillows, blankets or finish materials. 

Missoni Home fabrics uses patchwork fabrics to separate sections of the sofa. It's visually stunning and the bright colors and patterned textiles are perfect for rooms with dark floors and white walls because they add contrast. 

 Bedding is another great space to use patchwork fabric. It adds elements of coziness and comfort to your bedroom. I suggest picking a dominant color from the patchwork pattern and use it as a way to balance the space. Too much patchwork can distract from the overall design. 

The trees, grass and natural elements are wonderfully paired with patchwork cushions and blankets. The floral patterns on these particular cushions and blankets are an extension spring flowers now in bloom. 

Sometimes less is more. Here an ivory sofa is lightly sprinkled with three pastel patchwork pillows. The patchwork effortlessly adds coziness and warmth to the plain sofa. 

Patchwork and table setting work wonderfully together! For informal gatherings, try accessorizing with patchwork materials for maximum social atmosphere!