Friday, March 25, 2011

Live in Pastel

Spring is here, so think pastel!

Arrangement by: Studio Choo

We are influenced by all that surrounds us. At this time of year one of the greatest influences to be celebrated are the blooming blossoms and the beautiful colors found in nature! 

Be creative! There are so many interesting ways to play bring the spring aesthetic into your home without being redundant. Try using colorful eggshells as candle holders!

Pastel wallpaper is a great accessory for any room! 

Yellow, teal, and soft whites are perfect colors for a bedroom because of their peaceful, soft qualities. 

Room by: Maison Decor

Here, soft blue, green and white tones are used to create a sophisticated and peaceful aesthetic. Who wouldn't want to relax in this space? No bad dreams here! 

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