Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tickled Pink!

If you like pink, here are some rooms that will tickle your fancy.

Pink transforms this industrial and modern space into a flirty sophisticated living area.

Pink paired with this jewel-toned teal creates an amazing focal point. It's a dramatic look that can be difficult to achieve without the use of rich, vibrant colors. Don't be afraid to play with pink!

If you are hesitant of using pink, take baby steps with accessories like this hot pink accent coffee table. 

Feeling bold? Transform your ordinary white, wood or beige kitchen cabinets into a playful, inviting and sophisticated room of color. The lipstick pink cabinets work well with the white china, the beaded chandelier and the black granite counter top.  

Powder-puff pink adds a touch of whimsy to this all white room. I suggest using pink in small doses in a common area like a living room. 

Pink adds punch to this room! The color and spiral shape contrasts wonderfully against the white walls. 

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BANG BANG said...

I love the images you posted! They are all utilizing the color while not letting it take over the room. The pinks are used with enough restrained not to be overwhelming but at the same time are carried out with a very refined sensibility. Pink has so many preconceived notions surrounding it and these examples really are refreshing.