Monday, January 24, 2011

Timeless and Luxurious Malachite!

Photo: Apartment Therapy
For those who are unfamiliar with my newest color inspiration: Malachite is a beautiful and natural occurring mineral with unique and regal green hues, textures, and patterns. It is commonly used to make jewelry, fine furniture, and extravagant finishes but is also a timeless and historical material that was reserved in it's use for only the finest and wealthiest of the social hierarchy. Today, this beautiful color and finish is available to anyone in want of sophistication, luxury, or antiquity into their space.
Photo: Jim Thompson
The deep green hue of Malachite mineral contrasts well with oranges. This shows how timeless and hippie chic this color can be used.

Photo: Global Views
Try Faux Malachite colored accessories such as these small side tables for a touch of bold color and sophistication!
Photo: Kelly Wearstler
Malachite's finish and texture are translated here in the stone furniture as well as the curtain patterns. 

Global Views

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