Friday, December 10, 2010

Mix it Up - Cool Grey with Warm Neutrals

Grey is a popular color this season and I've fallen in love with the combination of cool grey paired with warmer neutrals! The warm tones add a cozy feeling to the soft cool grey in a room.  Take a look at these images to get ideas about how you might like to use this color combo in your home. 

Atlanta, GA
These icy and warm grey geometric accent pillows mirror the colors of winter. They work great with warm browns and other rich colors.

Artist Stephanie Wheeler at WebbMarsteller
Atlanta, GA
Artist Stephanie Wheeler used a cool grey, blue and warm brown palette in this abstract painting.  The colors blend harmoniously and the dark frame adds the contrast needed so the art pops against the geometric wallpaper.

Robert Abbey
This cool grey lamp can be paired with any color to blend or stand out.

If you love grey, I'd love to help you find ways to bring this color scheme to life in your home.  Tell me how you've mixed it into your world so I can share your ideas with readers.

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