Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daffy Over Daffadil Yellow

Daffodil Yellow Color Box

I'm daffy over Daffodils because these vibrant yellow buds are some of the first to awaken in spring.  They signal that more color will burst into our lives before we know it.

Daffodil yellow is cheerful and has the power to give any room a refreshing boost. A little yellow can make a big impact so don't over do it with too much yellow.  

Color forecasting for 2010 suggest mixing yellow with neutral tans, fresh from the farm.  For inspiration think about hay, burlap or a ball of twine.  

I think milky white textures are a great combination with daffodil yellow.  Consider giving your place a fresh makeover by slip covering chairs in creamy white linen or cotton.  Add yellow accents with patterned pillows, art or accessories to complete the look.

For more information about this week's Color Box, click here.

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