Monday, August 10, 2009

Aging In Style

Design is more than beautiful rooms that are pleasing to the eye. It's also about safety, accessibility, and functionality. These are all terms associated with Universal Design -- designing for all people without need for adaptation or specialized design.

If you've helped someone you love adjust to a physical change like a broken bone or illness that effects mobility, then you've probably thought about ways to make space function better. How about living in a space where you didn't have to think about making alterations? That's the goal of "Aging in Place" or as we get older, we like to call it "Aging in Style."

Some people are being proactive and taking steps to ready their homes. It might be replacing door knobs with lever handles. Or when renovating a bathroom, building the shower with sloping drains so a curb isn't needed. What about a kitchen built with counters at differing task heights (standing and sitting)?

Design professionals like me are specializing in this area so we can assist our clients with wise design decisions that allow for "Aging in Style." I recently took several courses offered by the National Association of Home Builders to become designated as Certified Aging in Place Specialist(CAPS).

So if you are interested in ways to make your home safe, beautiful and livable for anyone, please let me know. I would love to share information about this topic so you, your family and friends can "Age in Style." Also let me know if you belong to a group who needs speakers. I would be happy to present to the group. Click here to contact me about speaking to your group.

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