Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 Key Ingredients to Good Design

This morning I listened to some of the top designers (Bob Brown, Matthew Quinn, Suzanne Kasler, Stan Topal aned William Peace) in Atlanta talk about Interior Design. In this complicated world, several themes seemed to prevail from the panel discussion.
  • Composition -- The right composition makes an interior space unique. It's important to have the right mixture of color, textures and proportion to make a room harmonious and unique. Understanding my clients' needs helps me create the right compostion of furnishing and finishes that suit their lifestyle.
  • Lighting -- Lighting is more than just adding lighting when the sun begins to go down. Look at the lighting in a room when the sun is up. Consider the use of natural lighting along with artificial lighting when designing a room. Proper use of lighting can distinguish different textures, enhance the values of each color in the room, and bring attention to interior focal points.
  • Editing -- Edit what's in the room. Too much can overwhelm a space taking away from the design.
Check out some of the rooms that these designers created.

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